Solutions for today's problems

The business model for the software:

(1) After the software is written, populate the database with political information such as links and articles.

(2) Contact political sites that are already established and offer to link them if you already haven't; raid newsboards with your opinions and have the ultrafaction URL in your personal profile. Make YouTube videos expressing an opinion, but by using the navigation software.

(3) Make it free to use, but charge for perks!

(4) Compile the information that users post, statistically and graphically, so that it makes immediate sense to other users. Easier models of this would be free to view, but charge for more complex models.

(5) Search algorithms can be written by users, that can, in turn, be leased to other users, with the site making a small profit off of each transaction.

(6) Rating systems can be established. Factions and classifications can be established so that information is more readily digested by the user, who may be looking for something specific.

(7) "User" classifications come with tenure, but "Admin" classifications are sold. The population can be bicameral, just like Congress, and just like in real life. The gap between bloggers and politicians in actual power is severe; we should monopolize on that!!

(8) Monopolize on controversy; anger is a good motivator!

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