Ultrafaction:Anti Clinton Gore Format


Anti Clinton Gore Objects:

Sublimated social engineering coming across as moderation and practical.

Bureaucratic logic being seen as infallible and necessary even for small problems

Illusion of centricism being used to push blatant liberalism

We suckered you once... Shame on us!

We suckered you twice... Shame on YOU!!!!

(Graphic copied from Jason Henderson and created by Spider/Nonperzon)

This format may be a little out-dated but it is still worth having. The legacy that Slick Willie has left us in BOTH parties is one of compromise and do-nothing politics!! The people that yell the loudest that Clinton-Gore was so great for America are the ones that can't say anything specific that they did! When Clinton was taking credit for being part of the reason as to why it was the first time in 70 YEARS that the party in the White House GAINED congressional seats, he simply said "We heard the American People...". At no point did he cite ideology or get into any specifics! It has been cited by conservatives that the "do nothing" Presidents are the ones with the best approval ratings! It figures! Don't rock the boat and you'll get a golden page in history!

This format is not a strictly anti-Clinton/Gore format but more accurately it is a format to be against what they stood for. Clinton was a say-anything candidate that had a new scam and lie every day. Gore is a psuedo-innovationist liberal that was one of the biggest spenders in Congress.

DEMOCRATRIX is a spoof of the motion picture THE MATRIX (1999)

GORBOCOP is a spoof of the motion picture ROBOCOP

GORG is a spoof of the STAR TREK series

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