Neo liberalism forbids emotion

Kirk Fontenot

October 2008

In 1992, a pro-life activist showed a murdered unborn child to then Presidential candidate Bill Clinton. The powers that be were trying to fine him $25,000 for the act. On the TV program, the 700 Club, a commentator was citing that this was the action of a "new kind of liberal". He then further stated that liberals have been historically for freedom of speech, but this was an attempt to censor a pro-life activist.

Like everything else in society, social movements can evolve or degenerate, sometimes at the same time. The most irrational beliefs can often start with a noble premise. I have argued that liberalism in an emotion based ideology. In the context of politics, liberals don't so much think as nearly as much as they feel. The term "humanism" comes into play. This is a self-centered theology that basically says that mankind is, on some level, perfect and that it needs no guidance from a Higher Power such as God.

In 1998, during the Impeachment, I charged that pop culture had now become the "God State". This is what others may call a theocracy. It is ironic that liberals use this term for conservatives trying to (as they put it) "legislate morality" or have "government in the bedroom", while they are the ones with all of the power today! Under this premise, it seems that the masses have an agenda that is already under way, but for some odd reason or another, needs to be STILL legislated! It is like they are trying to strangle the last breath of conservatism out of America. An example of this is liberalism destroying marriage with pre-marital sex and shacking up. Under this new Utopia, no one needs marriage anymore, but with a new movement, there is legislation out there to legalize same sex marriage, while coming from the same side, marriage was supposed to be outdated in the first place.

In 2000 the book "Dead Center" came out against Clinton and Gore. This was citing their hypocrisy of what I later called "mid winged extremism", which is riding on apathy and complacency of the masses while the nation falls to Hell. Gore and Dubya spent so much effort running to the middle, it actually got to a point in a debate where Jim Laher actually had to ask one of them as to how did their response DIFFER from their opponent! My friend Earnest asked me "Who won the debate between Bush and Gore?". I responded with a loud sneer, "Ha! Bill Clinton!". In other words, Clinton pulled us so far to the left that even the Republican nominee was a liberal.

Around 2008 I concluded that emotion is not allowed under this new order. In me having stated this, you'd think that liberals would be happy that they are gaining ground. Today, however, they are ANGRIER. The more power they get, the angrier they get! But you see, with political correctness there is even a "legislation" on emotion itself, or thought crime. There are things like the Fairness Doctrine that has arisen to destroy conservative talk radio, and terms like "hate speech" that have been coined to silence anyone that disagrees with a raving liberal. Social engineering knows no boundaries! With this new anger, you can express it rarely if ever, and you have to have a deep sociopathic hatred for anything conservative, but have to be very slick and conniving as to how to express or reflect it. I've seen ultra womanizing males come across as calm and debonnaire; I've seen rapists come across as composed and tender; I've seen sociopaths that have given up on humanity and basically have condemned the human race with apathy, come across as moderates and rational common folk.

Sex is one of the biggest indicators of this phenomenon. I've seen promiscuous people come across as so rational and grounded! They have all the power in the world because when you are getting laid and ignore God, NOTHING can stop you!! This is the new version of happiness! To show anger over injustice in the world in now to be a "malcontent" or "miserable". People have given up on EVERYTHING and come across as daring soldiers for coming to such a brave conclusion! Apathy is now a virtue!

Furthermore, as with individuals, when liberalism is saturated with emotion (hatred for moral absolutism and convention and tradition) the next step is NOTHING. This is being deadened and desensitized to everything because previously they have had a psychologically overwhelming bombardment of emotion, so now the counter-logic is "I feel nothing; therefore nothing hurts me". The consequences for showing emotion? Disastrous! Questions are asked of you, "What is YOUR problem?", "Who are YOU to say that?". Right now the liberals are GOD and the new theology is: Don't rock the boat! Sure many poor minorities are more screwed up and poor than ever and today is more socially acceptable than ever to treat a woman as a sex object and even rape her, but WHO CARES now that this new socio-political Nirvana has been achieved?