"Other people's sex": The superhuman premise of infallibility

Kirk Fontenot

October 2008

"Why are you worried about other people's sex?", I was asked by a liberal on a bulletin board. This is the antithesis to what I stand for. To answer the question in the obvious context, I would say that it is because we do not live in a world where humans have absolute understanding and absolute knowledge. Therefore it is quite possible for people to be brainwashed, coerced, influenced, conditioned, misled and otherwise contorted into doing things that they would have chosen NOT to do otherwise. If we were all superhumans, we could all live on our separate little islands of bliss and not need to help each other. But that is how the liberals already think, isn't it? They actually refuse at some points to admit that one's actions can affect someone else. They'll say things like "I don't let that bother me" but when you have to turn off your emotion in order to not let it seemingly bother you, that is the ultimate proof that it has completely bothered you. My favorite version of this arrogance is when they actually talk about strip clubs they went to or pre-marital sex that they had and they say that they don't let it affect them. In a country song from around the year 1999 the singer said something like after his fleshly pleasures were fulfilled, he knew that his feelings for the woman went deeper. WHAT?!? Pre-marital sex is one of the biggest generators of pseudo intimacy there is and he was talking about a few minutes after and his judgement was CLEAR?!?

There are so many tangents that I can go on from this point but in trying to keep true to the title of this article, I am simply saying that there is a crisis in this nation when people believe that personal decisions don't affect others. The ones that claim to not be bothered by the world around them are the ones that are the MOST affected! I say this because one must adopt a cold stoic attitude to not react to anything to have the delusion that they are not truly reacting. Even when you ignore something, that is STILL a response, because you have to know it in order to react to it BY ignoring it! Another aspect to this superhuman belief is that conservatives stigmatize bad behavior and that is why people feel guilt over it. This is wrong because if we are all superhumans then we should not be able to be influenced by someone else's preaching.

In summation, it is fair to say that we should care about other people's sex and any other moral choice. There should be discussion and debate (the only true way to celebrate the first amendment) on ALL issues and even though all change is not improvement and all movement is not forward, society as a whole does progress when it has to continuously keep itself in check, rather than just muddle along without ever questioning itself.