Ultrafaction:Big Brother Format



HA! HA! Yeah RIGHT!!!

Big Brother objects:

Conservatives have a blind hatred for any form of government and cite the citation of the need for government as pure socialism and left winged extremism
Conservatives becoming a dictatorial force in areas of no government, which they accuse of being dictatorial in the first place

This format was started to sarcastically and deservedly counter the right winged whacko paranoia that has us all looking for black helicopters. As society gets more complex, there is a need for more government and as the world becomes a smaller place, technology is going to have us more unified and all on the same page. This anti-"New World Order" and anti United Nations stuff is just getting out of hand. The right winged belief that has us clinging to our AK-47's in fear of government is counter-productive and a JOKE! Conservatives have NO genuine or reality-based perspective on government, or when it comes to helping people! Yes, government has its problems BUT so does capitalism, and no conservative wants to ban THAT!

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