Ultrafaction:Black Rage Offensive Format


The perfect slave thinks he's free...

Black Rage Offensive objects:

Imperial thought from right wing shows complete ignoring of the poor and oppressed
Right wing is oversimplistic when they resort to Reagan's "social darwinism" resulting in a heartless "sink or swim" mentality that comes from the rich and upper crust

This format is to support the plight of alienated minorities with concentration on African-Americans to try to level the political playing field so that young black kids can have a chance for equal opportunity at some point in their lives.

The reason why gangsta rap exists is NOT because of a "cry baby" ideology. The music about the problems exist because the PROBLEMS exist!! This is simple logic. There are a lot of misconceptions about minority rage that mainstream conservative whites have. This is not to say that whites are incapable of logic or sympathy; this is merely suggesting that they in general do not have the type of alienation that we do, so are more tilted to not think the way that we do. This lays the groundwork for a lot of political friction. All we can do is pray and struggle so that one day America can say it truly lived up to "40 acres and a mule" to counter the scars of slavery.

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