Ultrafaction:Borg Wet Cigar Format

Borg Wet Cigar objects:

Neo liberalism offers only compromise and confusion due to relaxing principles
  • Leilani Corpus:Virginity in vogue

    Both parties are worn down and compromised and have no genuine direction
  • An Outline on Mike Bloomberg
  • Harry Browne on the one party "Republicrat" system

    The "Borg Wet Cigar" format is inspired by Star Trek; laughing at our former Philanderer-in-brief Slick Willie. This is a humorous outlook at Bill Clinton.

    Format originated by The Admiral Roghair NCC 4111

    References to Sigman Freud are commentary

    You will be assimilated

    Praise God for the impeachment!

    I'm tired of liberals calling the impeachment "Sexual Macarthyism". Bill Clinton sexually harassed Paula Jones by dropping his pants and wanting sex from her, so Kenneth Starr was trying to establish a pattern, and did by exposing what he did with Monica Lewinsky. Also, it was a chance that we got to show to the Liberals and Bill Clinton that he was not GOD. We refuted his godhood! The liberals learned a valueable lesson: THE NEXT TIME YOU ELECT A PHILANDERING SON OF A B***H TO OFFICE YOU WILL HAVE TO FACE THIS ALL OVER AGAIN! Because of Bill Clinton, children could not look up to the President and it was about time that Slick Willie lost face. The rules are that if you are a liberal, you get away with ANYTHING. The liberals have proven that they have no standards for letting a piece of trash like Bill Clinton get through the primaries and get their nomination, and America is in moral ruin for electing him!

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