Ultrafaction:Compromise Zero Format


Tolerance is acceptance!!!

Compromise Zero objects:

Moderation and bipartisanship being stated but just results in liberal takeover
"Clintservatism" and "mid-winged extremism" being the new doctrine to have fake-unity of conservatives and liberals under a big liberal tent
Political compromise toted as a beautiful tool but gets to no real substance other than business as usual in politics

This format was started to cite that liberalism offers only that conservatives concede to it and violates the true meaning of so-called "bipartisanship". This side graphic laughs at the miserable defeat in 1996 of Bob Dole and Jack Kemp suffered at the hands of the Anti-Christ himself: Bill Clinton. They watered down conservatism and got what they deserved! The got DEFEAT! George Bush Sr. was a whimp who compromised on his "Read my lips" promise not to raise taxes. George W. Bush was a whimp who did not reduce one scrap of big government. Today most conservatives are whimps because they learn to COMPROMISE and be in their comfort zones and have gotten so used to liberalism that they have conceded their personal freedoms!

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