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Big government is embraced in different aspects but nevertheless by BOTH Republicans and Democrats

  • Harry Browne on the one party "Republicrat" system
    Government being used as force in the same way as using an atom bomb to kill a gnat

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    Barry Goldwater said it best when he said that we need to get government out of the boardroom and the bedroom. He also said that a government big enough to give you all you want is a government big enough to take all you have! It is a LIE that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to big government because liberal Democrats push social engineering while conservative Republicans push government in the bedroom.

    An example of these bureaucratic nightmares are abstinence programs. George W. Bush pushed federal funding of the programs and then there were government studies showing that they don't work! What business does Big Brother have at all morally dictating to kids or anyone else for that matter? Speaking of "Dubya", he has been dubbed a "big government conservative" whatever that is supposed to mean and as Pat Buchanan had cited in an article (at the time of the article) that "Dubya" had not stricken down a SINGLE government program, regulation or agency!

    Ronald Reagan:Government is not the solution! Government is the problem!

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