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One thing that I envision is activist "hypermedia centers" where people can get out in public and not be at their computers, and at the same time, blog. The "blogosphere" can be just the first step! Debate is a very dynamic and interactive human thing to do. There can be a psychological health benefit to doing it in public, instead of at your computer. Cheers and boos can add to the experience of getting a point across and serve as a colorful and vivid reminder that people agree or disagree with you. What could arguably be a boring at home experience, can now evolve into a night out!

These functions can be a hybrid between townhall meetings and group therapy.

One flaw that I see in blogging is that it is definitely the future, BUT a future that needs to be tweaked. What I mean by this is that there is an isolation factor in being couped up in your room typing on your computer than can be eliminated with these "media centers". Also, blogging is the future of debate because the blogger has all of the information right at their fingertips, so when they refer to other information, it is immediately attainable over the Internet. Now imagine two Presidential candidates going at it over a "grid" and having an army or a few hundred viewers fetching information for them on a point they just made. Also, imagine the candidates strapped with virtual reality gear (helments and gloves) in front of a giant 15 foot screen displaying their ideology graphically for the viewers. This is what I tried to depict in phase one of this page.

With a little imagination, this social function can be made into something along the lines of a sporting event. There is a psychological element to getting out of the house for an event, and growing as a person by learning more about what you stand for, can make you grow as a person. Topics like rape and suicide are very private but should be expressed in a public medium to get it out in the open. With the socialization and public factor, this local community activism can be a trend that catches on.

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