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Politically Incorrect objects:

Hypersensitivity coupled with emotion based stances lead to clouding of an important issue
Legacy of injustices in mankind's past being used in an emotional stance to be against any and all moral absolutism, structure or tradition
Self-absorbed "tribal politics" result in screaming and whining for whatever group you belong to, but accomplishes nothing for the group or meets none of the original intentions


As was said in the book Boy Clinton (and I paraphrase here) liberalism started in the 1930's as coalition politics, then degenerated to special interest activism and then decomposed into group therapy.

This is not to say that some so-called conservatives can't pout as well, BUT Democrats are so GOOD AT IT!! They can call anyone a racist or some other bigot when the issue being debated has nothing to do with bigotry! They are stuck and mentally hard wired to be against convention, dissention and rebellion against any obvious authority whether or not it is abusive or oppressive!

According to a 1994 DETAILS magazine issue, a student at the raving liberal and promiscuous campus of Antioch University got a "pink slip" because female students complained that he was walking too aggressively looking on the campus!

Hypersensitivity is the KEY ELEMENT in political correctness today. It is not to say that some of these problems don't exist, or not even to cite an overreaction! It is to say that when people's hypersensitivity is cranked up to a million degrees, they start to see things that aren't THERE! That is when the real problem exists!

It seems that whichever baby yells the loudest gets the biggest pacifier and we all learn to appease them, then the baby becomes the bully! You can't just shut a bully up; you have to punch him in the nose or bow down to him. This is when the real politics start!

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