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Conservatives using pseudo-correlations to push their government in the bedroom agenda
  • Mark Anthony on two parent families(Rebuilding America's social infrastructure)
    Conservatives having greed as an ethic and want to expand their business to all consuming proportions

    What I think about Republicans...

    For starters:

    (1)They campaign on restoring a way of life that never existed

    (2)They campaign on restoring a way of life that benefits the priveleged few

    (3)They have an unadmitted male-dominance based family and economic system

    (4)They do not acknowledge the significance of the legacy of racism and sexism in this country

    (5)Their view of achievement and prosperity is heiarchy based, which pre-destines most people to be at a low level of the pyramid

    (6)Their sex agenda, on top of being nothing short of government in the bedroom, isn't even carried out consistently by the top leaders of it. They don't deliver on it.

    (7)They have a narrow, black and white, over simplistic view of the Federal government


    In the Presidential elections, The Republicans always get the white male vote. Male Republicans only conceded that a woman's right to a career is just as valid as a man's, after you've twisted their arm by pressing them to articulate what makes the man the head of the household, and define masculinity other than rhetoric and tradition. They say that with high taxes, both parents are at work, time isn't spent on the children, and "big government" is raising the kids. It's clear that working women are not part of the Republican Utopia. Then, when they see how backwards they are, they add "Oh, yeah, the wife can work too." There are even time when the conservatives don't even bother cloaking it like Rush Limbaugh saying that the woman can work but it's "preferred" that she stay home and raise the children. This lack of inclusion for women has unsurprisingly left the liberals as the champion for women and the conservatives patching up their 1880's rhetoric in an attempt to sound as if they are modernized. They superficially tack on the notion that a woman can be a bread winner, but only at the expense of the Republican family, and as an ornament, rather than an integral part of the "family values" ideology.

    Feminist rebuttal on conservatives critiquing rape reportings

    Here is a serious issue. Once again conservatives oversimplify a complex psychological issue. The link here cites that conservative retaliated against rape statistics on the grounds that if the rape reportings were that high, from all of their female friends, they would have had far more friends confide in them that they were raped. The flaw here is that conservatives, as always, regard other people with other mind sets, in the context of their own mind set. [One time on Oprah Winfrey, a cop said that criminals hold a hidden gun to a woman in public and say to come with them and they won't hurt them. They get them to a secluded area and rape them.] The mistake that the cop said that normal people make is judging a criminal by your own mind set (how they would go about doing the crime instead how a criminal would go about doing the crime). So a typical conservative, who defends traditional family and powerful churches because they didn't have abusive dominating fathers to see how the power structure to a family can oppress women, because they were blind to (or didn't have) abusive manipulating priests that twisted religion to be an institution of power, will judge other people's behavior from their mindset. If a woman who grew up in a peachy keen middle class whitebred neighborhood, and had family and religious leaders that were carbon copy examples of "Leave it to Beaver" then if they were raped, I'm sure they would go to the authorites, as do some women (not enough). But rapists are known for having an uncanny ability to probe/observe women who are meek and least likely to retaliate or report the crime in an effort to put it behind them or not to deal with it, or prolong it. These women are scared, hurt, confused, alienated and should not be erased from the equation of rape politics because they don't fit neatly into how conservatives think all women behave when they are raped. This was a good retaliting article. Score one for the victims of rape!

    Many, many more coming...

    A blast from the past; treehugger on the 2000 race!

    What will the 2000 Presidential race mean?

    I'll start off with a few thoughts...

    (1)After Al Gore wins, it will show that the Republicans won't have the excuse of saying that the victory was a technicality because of his charisma like Bill Clinton

    (2)It will show that we have finally said goodbye to the WW II hype of them being the best generation ever, goodbye to the Reagan years, goodbye to women in the kitchen, and acknowledge that even the championed "conservative" icon generation of Generation X is socially liberal in matters of the church, sex and aren't as their right winged predecessors.

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