A Pro-Choice Article

Bottom Line:Social conservatives using right winged extremism for posturing in moral issues and give no substance no recourse and no clear conclusion

This article had some justifiable anger in it. The pro-life religious right wing has no business telling a woman what to do with her body! An abortion is a MORAL decision which the government has no place making. This comes from the same hard right wing that says they want government out of their lives. And let's say the so-called "pro-life" legislation passes? Then what will we have? Unwanted children being forced upon single mothers that are going to be neglected and abused, and a nation that celebrates government in the bedroom! It is not even CLEAR as to what the religious right wing WANTS! What goal are they trying to attain? As usual, they have a moral agenda with no head to it! I am not even sure if THEY can even articulate their goals and their premises!

No Church:Reactionary religious right wing of Republican party using pseudo-social science to come to conclusions to justify their narrow view of absolute morality and sublimate it in a government agenda backed by legal force.

Abortion harms us HOW? What does abortion do to harm America? These MALE conservatives (who will NEVER know what it's like to be pregnant or bear a child) want to tell a woman what to do with HER body! Who appointed them as a moral arbiter? What business do they have backing their moral choices with the legal force of government? Show me a nation that can prosper when it forbids abortion and I'll show you a good science fiction novel!