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WIN! Fight amongst your party AFTER you're in the White House!

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Social conservatives using right winged extremism for posturing in moral issues and give no substance no recourse and no clear conclusion
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    This Bottom Line format was started for a simple reason: To WIN!

    Every Presidential candidate that has ever really been for that party has LOST. In all elections, it is only really 20% of the voting population that really counts because the party candidates always get 40% of the vote, which is their own hard wing voting for them. Bogging down in idealistic ideology will not win us this election; triangulation WILL. Triangulation is a term that Dick Morris uses a lot to show that you are supposed to take the best platforms from both parties and keep them, and leave behind the worst platforms of both parties.

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    There is no moral crisis!

    The ultra right wing in the Republican party speaks of moral deterioration. I first ask, what business of the government is it to WORRY about moral deterioration to begin with? Then I ask, "moral deterioration" according to who? Ultra conservatives have these big gigantic plans to "ressurect" America but no substance. Alan Keyes is a fine example. He lambasted George W. Bush when Bush apologized for some Republicans that say we are heading toward Sodom and Gommorah. Keyes called this a debauchery. Dick Morris called it WINNING! Which is exactly what George W Bush did for TWO TERMS! These type of extreme conservatives want the government to engineer the American way of life so that it fits their belief system, and at the same time saying that they want small government!

    Internal party fighting; does it have a place?

    The Republican party is forced to tolerate this border-line hate speech that the ultra right tends to expouse. Sometimes I think that they actually WANT to lose. Alan Keyes has done a fine job of this. Every Presidential race, he calls for a moral revolution which never happens, and he loses miserably, only to NOT learn and repeat the same mistake in the next race; and lose AGAIN. The political party system was designed to UNIFY people, not to divide them; and these right winged zealots are doing just that. The method to WIN is to run more conservative in the primaries and caucuses to get the nomination from that conservative base, then for the general election, run to the middle to appeal more to the masses, to WIN. WIN is a CUSSWORD to these ultra right extremists! Bill Clinton said it best himself when it came to the late-term abortion ban bill. Clinton said "They don't want answers; they want an issue." The Republicans refused to compromise on the bill to include rape, incest and life of the mother, so it FAILED. Are we going to stick to "principle" and continue to LOSE, or are we going to try to win SOME victories and be happy with that? Only extremists refuse to compromise. Bob Dole said it BEST himself in the 1996 convention speech when it came to his being attacked for compromise. He said it protects us from "absolutism and intolerance". This behavior from the ultra right reminds me of a little crying child that doesn't get his way. So I have to say to them:

    WIN! Fight amongst your party AFTER you're in the White House!

    The Clinton pattern: The hard earned lesson that he has taught us

    The impeechment was a failure. Clinton did not get removed. This was yet another example of the intolerant ultra right trying to get their way even if there is no public consensus for it! Like Ben Bagert and Mike Foster of Louisiana said, we have learned out lesson from the impeechment. We got sick and tired of hearing about cigars and stains and enough was enough! Most people are MODERATE, and you have to appeal to the moderates to WIN. Extremists never get anything ACCOMPLISHED because they don't have the mass appeal. People who LOSE like Alan Keyes need to realize that not all people, or even most people, hate the government they way that they do! The ultra conservatives said that we needed to stand for principle during the impeechment and so forth. Now that they did that, did it bump down teen sex? Did they make less date rape happen now that Clinton was impeeched? NOPE! They sure didn't! A tip that I read on the internet: Losers spray; winners focus. These ultra conservatives have all of these grandiose plans to do so much and are nothing but full of RHETORIC. Rhetoric doesn't get anything done; except make your opponent win.

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