"Demise of dating" essays:

No Church:Reactionary religious right wing of Republican party using pseudo-social science to come to conclusions to justify their narrow view of absolute morality and sublimate it in a government agenda backed by legal force.

What this article is preaching against is human evolution! It says that the art of dating has degenerated into games and ambiguities. What exactly do these people want done? Go back to the days where dating was no allowed and you were brainwashed to marry young, never taught about sex other than some "black market" technique so sex had the taboo of something dirty? This is how women were conditioned into being beaten housewives! Now we have independence and this article is calling it degeneration? Of course with freedom you have confusion and problems! This is not sexual slavery where everything is pre-chewed for us! It is FREEDOM to decide who you are going to "hook up" with! If you want a kiss, sex or anything in between, it is CHOICE! This articles calls choice, confusion! Today people are engaged in healthy sex lives because sex is no longer this taboo thing seen as evil, and the Religious Right considers this to be devolving! I guess they want to go back to the days when a woman got raped and couldn't even talk about THAT!

Safer Sex:Government in the bedroom agenda being pushed under the pretense of harmless sentiment. Appointing the government as an arbiter of very narrow minded morality

This article is a fine example of why my format is called "safer" sex instead of "safe" sex. No matter what, there are always going to be risks; this is the price we pay to have sexual freedom. Dating is no picnic because human nature dictates (according to some date experts) that we are only compatible with 3% of people! Of course there is going to be heartbreak and people regretting whom they slept with! We are not equipped with crystal balls! Conservatives want a sexual Big Brother to dictate to us on matters of the heart and sex itself. Like a car that needs gasoline and oil changes, our dating mechanism and sex drives need upkeep! There ARE going to be problems but you don't solve them by destroying the whole system. It is burning the barn to kill the rats! We ARE animals! Ask any logical scientist! We have sexual needs as well as emotional needs, and while we have this tug of war, it is important to keep in mind that mistakes are always going to be made and we should use LOGIC instead of sexual GUILT to guide us in minimizing those mistakes! This article was not citing problems; it was citing reality itself, and only zealots with a God complex can think they can change reality or human nature.