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Government in the bedroom agenda being pushed under the pretense of harmless sentiment. Appointing the government as an arbiter of very narrow minded morality.
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  • "Other people's sex": The superhuman premise of infallibility

    The "Safer Sex" format is to stop the conservatives from getting all of our kids killed by AIDS by having realtistic goals concerning virginity and life for our children.

    Sexuality is not "right" or "wrong"... Sexuality IS!!!


    Condoms SAVE lives! Apathy kills!
    Government in the bedroom ALWAYS backfires!

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    Condoms SAVE lives! Apathy kills!

    The hostility from conservative parents to condoms, is going to get their children KILLED. Parents need to face REALITY. Which is more painful, giving your child a condom knowing that they are going to have sex, or being at their deathbed holding their hand dying from AIDS? Studies have shown that with sex education and condoms, there is LESS teen sex because sex is not as tempting and luring because the stigma of it being taboo has been REMOVED. So CONDOMS DO WORK!!!!!!!! The argument has NEVER been to MAKE kids have sex; that is absurd. The simple, simple, simple logic is that if they are going to do it ANYWAY, tell them to use a condom. This is for the kids that are going to have sex (the second strongest urge in the human body, next to hunger), not for the kids that are not going to have sex. If you don't have sex, FINE; if you DO have sex, USE A CONDOM. This is a very simple life saving measure that conservative parents do not understand!

    Government in the bedroom ALWAYS backfires!

    For decades, conservatives have been trying to force their morality on others. This has been done when abortion was illegal, and with laws that make certain sex acts a crime. All this accomplishes is making sex more taboo, and therefore more tempting. This also causes a liberal backlash that forces liberals to become more polarized and energized. The sexual revolution has happened; it is over. The conservatives started the "cultural war" and they LOST IT. People like Alan Keyes have lost consistently in Presidential races, proving that America doesn't want to hear how much of a bunch of sluts we are, and we don't want to hear that it is the far right wing that is going to lead us away from ourselves! The days of government in the bedroom are OVER and that is as it should be!

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