Deficit Mark Anthony essays:

Fem Force:Force-based institutions like capitalism or the male dominated family unit are used as the basis for a conservative reality that harms women and poor

We are the richest nation in the world and these conservatives complain that social spending is killing us all. That's what is keeping this nation alive! If the politicans would quit with scams and waste, we could get this nation back on track! There seems to be a notion where NO intervention is seen as the solution; as Rush Limbaugh says the best Presidential administration is the administration that does the LEAST! WHAT?! The best one is the one that does the most! Mario Cuomo said at the Democrat 1984 convention that the Republicans think that we can't make it unless some of the weak and undesireables are left behind. How true it is even today! The message here is that the budget does need to be balanced; sure, but without cutting the throats of the poor and people that need help.