Feminist defense for pornography

Theta Q:Liberals push a contadictory hybrid ideology of infallible humanism with the notion that they need to be led by an anti-church to achieve their perfection of the individual

I don't even know where to START!!

With liberalism we have destroyed all churches and moral authority but they need to build and ANTI CHURCH to take the place OF organized religion! The arrogance is AMAZING!

Conservatives want you to bow down to THEIR God; liberals want you to bow down to THEM as God!

This left winged psychobabble says that somehow sex should not be saved for marriage but rather displayed is some third party fashion where people sit and watch strangers have sex to fulfill some sort of NEED? What NEED? And this is the PRIME example of liberals wanting government in the bedroom; government has to take a SIDE sooner of later! And with this, government would be saying that pornography is religion and that religion is pornography! Liberals think that the sexperts and Hollywood invented sex! GOD DID! And we are abusing it!! Then they say things like "Who is to say what it right?" or "What is truth?". Louie Armstrong was asked "What is Jazz?" His reply is one that I'll paraphrase...

"Man, if you gotta ask, you'll never know!"

Bottom Line:Social conservatives using right winged extremism for posturing in moral issues and give no substance no recourse and no clear conclusion

THIS is the kind of issue that right winged extremists need to stay out of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This article was DEAD ON as to giving an alternate view point to social conservatism! Whose place is it to decide for Americans that they can't have porn???? And how do they plan to legislate that?? These are questions that are never gonna be answered or never COULD be answered thanks to conservatives, or more accurately should NOT be asked in the first place!!