Trench Coat:Pop culture citing moral relativism and promiscuity as liberation

This article was awesome! It is amazing how in a world with NO RULES, we create the MOST RULES!!! This age of liberalism is supposed to be one with no restricitons, no force and no authority but we have made a new ANTI-CHURCH out of the so-called "sexperts" and pro-boinking liberals!! These rules and restrictions are far more ruthless than so-called guilt trips layed out by conservatives. Under this new order, we have to keep our feelings and emotion surpressed and be these heartless robots that just screw and show the opposite sex how much we don't need them at all. There is almost nothing left to say! PATHETIC!!

Theta Q:Political correctness getting out of hand

This article was right on the money! Liberals fail to see that TRUE freedom is knowing the scope and consequences of your actions, not to do anything at an uniformed and ignorant whim. Under these "sexperts" we have created a new heretical church, an amoral authority, a "religous" structure, sex priests, and a commonwealth of pop-culture popes! Under liberalism we lost more of our autonomy than with conservative churches! The liberals have it backwards. God help us all!