Ultrafaction:Trench Coat Format

Trench Coat objects:

Pop culture citing moral relativism and promiscuity as liberation
  • Dating "sexperts"
  • Leilani Corpus:Virginity in vogue

    Wallpaper edited from image at says-it.com

    This site is to articulate the rage of an under class of generations and DOES NOT endorse the killings of Littleton Colorado!!!

    We are the ANTI-format!!!!!

    We declare WAR on this NAZI pop culture that focuses on the elite of cools and forces the nerds to the bottom of the totem pole. Liberals make a hostile environment for us in high schools by turning our places of education into a CONDOM distribution center! Our schools have become indoctrination camps! With sexual liberalism, we REWARD FAILURE and PUNISH achievement! If you are sexually active, you are told that nothing is wrong with you, in order for you to avoid feeling any shame as to not discourage you to be public about buying a condom! The boinkers are taking over this country. If you are a virgin, you get no recognition or credit from the psychobabbling educators, no pat on the back and no acknowledgement. More on this is the future!

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