Rules of slutty pop culture "sexperts"

A pastor once defined dating as "practicing for divorce". Keeping this in mind and from being on the web, I see more and more of this "sexpert" advice that is rooted strictly in an amoral and sex-tilted angle. It boggles my mind because all of these new postings from all these guru's say the SAME thing over and over and always claim to be cutting edge, as if some new scoop just came out on the current weekend. As was said by a Clinton critic, liberals have been hardwired in the year 1961 and learn nothing new. They recite the same rhetoric, the same cliches, the same morality, all at the same time of saying to be the ideology of the new and hip. A quick stab at the mentality of the online "sexperts".

(1)Being sexually active is a given.

The advice to wait until "you're ready" is completely amoral. It stresses the infallibility of the individual above all else and mentions NOTHING about outside moral elments, such as a God, family or any tradition regarding sex that perhaps we have learned over thousdands of years of civilization, that may be better than the whims of an individual not older than 30. Under premises like this, virginity until marriage is completely ignored. The dating site has a category in the profile section:"sexually adventurous". One liberal piece of dating advice I found online was to AVOID VIRGINS!!! It stated that virgins are not good at practicing safe sex, and that even if someone has not had a lot of sex, that a woman who is not used to having orgasm and has one with you may become too clingy after that! Under these godless gurus, virginity until marriage is a DISEASE.

(2)Sex is interwoven into daily habits as the main denominator of interaction between the sexes.

They use the word "sexy" to describe anything from shallow superficial attitudes to clothes to music to cars. SEX IS NOT SPICE to flavor food with!! They push that interacting on a date is merely sexual anticipation; they push that practically any living habit is just an extension of sexual behavior; they see sex as the ultimate goal between the sexes.

(3)Conservative elements and morality is mimmicked.

Abstinence is only suggested for fear of diseases, or delay of sex for power, or for a tease. Women post ads saying stuff like "I could be the girl next door or in a hot mini skirt or bikini". The movie VANILLA SKY had Tom Cruise's character being a "pleasure delayer" who would delay sex to apparently make it more scrumptious and pleasing. Sex was not delayed until marriage, just a few weeks or so.

(4)Take slithers of blatant immorality and interweave them into daily life that isn't supposed to be as slutty.

Jenna Jameson, a porn star, wrote a book on how to make love like a porn star. A stripper on Jenny Craig was telling women how to get your husbands "hormones rolling".

(5)Skin deep superficiality

They focus on clothes, style, use the term "meterosexual", and advocate things like the show "queer eye for the straight guy" as if heterosexuality is so flawed that it needs homosexuality integrated into it to get a damned woman.

(6)Perversions of seemingly good stuff

Arrogance is misinterpeted as confidence; ambition for power is seen as being a good father or being a breadwinner.

(7)Settling for bare minimal

Some of the sex articles have to be pulling teeth for a man to not be selfish sex partner, and consider it a huge victory when he learns to tend an inch more to the woman's needs.

(8)Women copying male vices to settle the score

Some articles push for a woman to experiment or discover her own sexual identity which can only be achieved by being a slut too, and that will settle the score and level the playing field

(9)encourage "hook ups" instead of courtship

One article cited that a certain friend of the author was a woman who makes the first move and she "gets dates". BIG DEAL. I don't want to hear how many dates she gets or how many guys she has banged; tell me whether she is going to be divorced in 20 years.

(10)Focus on physical settings and ignore psychological wavelengths

Romantic getaways for new couples just generate a "romance" that isnt there. I saw a dating show that had a woman that wanted to spice things up by surprising hey boyfriend by waiting in bed naked with a hersheys kiss on her body. Advice that says places/ways to meet women,

(11)Fallacy of amoral technique being OK as to justify a moral end

A right pickup lines gets you the girls??? You have to become evil to reap from it. No good will come of it, or the evil was not necessary.

(12)Cloning amoral qualities

7 habits of highly effective people. 7 habits of those who date a lot; it is a form of promiscuity but with dating instead of sex.

(13)"Surface" results stressed above all else

These lines gets you the most dates. A liberal slut, that I found out raped a girl, once told me, "Kirk, go on 20 dates in two months". What the hell is that going to accomplish?


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