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Ultrafaction: The anticipated multi media computerized cultural warfare of the future

OBJECTIVE: Build software solutions to the most micro-specific social, economic, political and technological problems, by initiating a new denominator into the process, which is hypermedia activism. The goal here is to build a software mechanism for sub-culture and political dogfights at an unprecented degree of intricacy.

Ultrafaction: The Movie (small intro; mentionings of the movie script with predictions implemented)

Ultrafaction: The Movement

Today, life is so complicated that convention is no longer suitable in order to deal with our current problems.

A highly complex information system structured according to IDEOLOGY and BELIEFS (even down to personalized interface engines for each individual), will be the only option for people to deal with the demands of modern society. With political and social issues becoming exponentially thick, swelled with information, and volatile as they are, the true impact of these topics aren't felt by most Americans. People don't realize what's at stake and how things can really be changed. Conventional methods (Faxes, photocopiers, postal mail, radio, TV...) are just not fast and organized enough to keep people on their toes. People who aren't aware of the full spectrum of the excitement and importance of even the smallest events in day-to-day politics, fail to keep informed. With this blueprint implemented, people will cut through the chase and get to what keeps their interest immediately; and more importantly, be immediately directed as to how they can play their part in local, direct and effective activism.

This nation is in a state of stagnant turmoil. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it is exactly what's going on. There is an incredible saturation of wealth and opportunity, but there is an equally incredible amount of saturation of elements keeping people unable to take advantage of all of these opportunities (confusion about a career, psychological problems rooted in the home...). In the age of information, published material increases exponentially in size as time progresses. On the other side (the political and social arena) we are a divided nation with issues that have become so complicated that no one has the whole story or can hit the issue from every conceivable angle. Our volume of resources, career choices, moral questions and raw knowledge has FAR exceeded our ability to deal with and UTILIZE them. Our resources are "bottlenecked". This is the birthcry of the Ultrafaction.

We have the potential for an unprecented explosion of information utilization and exchange, such as thousands of political factions and sub-factions having enormous data bases with information on their issues organized not by alphabetical order or chronological order, but it a three-dimensional graphic hive according to doctrine and arguments of the ideology. Everyone interacting with these hives will have gone through a personalized test that builds a search and surfing tool personalized for that particular person; as this technology continues, and use of it becomes more frequent, the personalized engines will become more detailed and precise. People will get to what information they care about the most, in the format in which they understand it the most, and in the least amount of time. Every time there is an issue up on some debate forum, the debaters can access data bases of the issues previously discussed and see the argument layed out visually like strands on a spider web. Hundreds of people could be watching you and tag you by using their computers if you missed a point on which your opponent is beating you. When this explosion happens, there will be a considerable less amount of people not knowing what kind of career to pursue and a severe drop in political apathy. Ideas and actions will be meticulously kept track of (almost impossible with today's outdated 20th century means) and the mess in Washington and the rest of government will be tremendously lowered.

With our social problems today (such as it being not cool to learn), kids don't get enough drive and specific, detailed direction at the age they need (some never at all). With our education system; they are being left in the dust behind the mutating market and the demands and needs of the post-industrial world. You can't take good raw old fashioned lemonade-stand-on-the-street-corner capitalism and expect that to produce anyone a paycheck today! The key to surviving today in business, or in politics, is to monopolize on a standard. The businesses that supply us with bare nature essentials like food, shelter and so forth are "just there". There are no big struggles to arrange to get food and shelter to people in the nation as if half of the nation is in some famine or extreme poverty. The trend is services and channeling activites in certain ways (a format, or standard) where the real meat is in money and survival doesn't seem to be tangible goods, but in things require vision and education rather than just a strong back. Kids need an incredible amount of fine-tuned molding for the 21st century and they are not getting it! It's about what direction we should apply our services, with actual physical goods being of less relevance. It's about the format and the standard we should adopt. That's where the future is: every aspect of a kid's life related to giving them specific, detailed direction at an early, impressionable age. One way that this can be done is by closing the gap between education and entertainment.

In summation, we are going 100 miles an hour in second gear. Our needs have insanely surpassed our ability to deal with them, in the business world and in our private lives in social problems and issues.

Ultrafaction: The Movie

Telling someone and SHOWING someone are two entirely different things.

That's the premise that I use when I say that this movie will violently inject a picture of our culture into the audience. The battlefield will be three-dimensional computer graphic software, and the opposing forces will be two leading factions of the nerd sub-culture (which is in a state of civil war). From this movie, I will depict a method of recourse to our growing onslaught of social problems: the intergration of the solutions into our past time and pop culture. Apply the long standing conservative ethic! Privatize all of the operations! Nerds are classic at it, and proof that it is possible for people. Look at how they learn about computers (just like I did); they stay in their room and stay up until all hours of the night with FAR more passion than any schoolwork (Samuel Clemens - Mark Twain - said to never let school intefere with your education) and attacking aspects of the programming and the machine through the manuals, and experimenting. They come up with their own learning patterns by conducting observations that they determine. They learn according to their OWN format, move at their own pace and deem what THEY feel important to further investigate or completely omit. Their learning, drive, directon and passion are all rooted in their soul, and nothing is forced upon them. THAT'S how real education should be and the only way that it can be in order to be beneficial in a student's life.

The next obvious response from anyone reading this is "easier said than done" and "nice rhetoric, but what about specifics?" Okay, two obvious start questions would be:

(1) What about the expense of the equipment to personalize and organize all realms of education material to each and every person and
(2) What about the expense, time and resources that will go into actually FORMATTING the information that way?

But before I get into that, let me continue with the movie. Anyway, something that I make a very strong case of in the movie is that this nation is very divided in its value system, this nation has a huge overbearing wiehgt of social problems, and all of the elements in fighting ABOUT these problems are tied to thousands of special interest groups, lawsuits, legislative battles, courtroom battles and last but not least, raw information and statistics. Anyone that does research can site that any conventional method of searching for information that can vary as to what category or that is difficult to label is tedious to find and that there are no conventional methods to make any of this exponetially easier. Hypermedia software is (as far as I have seen) a visual lattice which is an outline of the information. It is patterned in the same way a blueprint is or a diagramed sentence is. What I plan to do in the movie is to pioneer a three dimensional version of this software. Let's say two socially conservative nerds were fighting: "Sexual Materialism" could be a big red ball (circular for vagueness and red for abstract), spaning a few sectors over some three dimensional coordinate system. Blue cubes inside of it could be the specifics of that. One of the faces of the first cube could be labeled as "not having a problem with jerks dating in life ealier than guys that are nicer". The next side could be labeled "showing a woman that her not noticing you is no big deal". All of these sides could be on a cube labeled "violent/savage power games". Blue could stand for semi-specific and the cube could stand for application of bigger theme, as oppsoed to a theme by itself) In the same way that people list points by which to fight in an argument, they drag and drop these graphics over this system. The graphics represent the path of the argument, and lines that follow the path of the polygons show how the argument has progressed at any given stage. My point to all of this is to take this form of warfare and build up to it in a heated, mind blowing plot in the movie and blow it all at once in it's completely complex and techno form in the viewer's face, leaving them awed and dazzled, with a mountain of questions and bits that they are trying to remember. This is completely opposite of what many sci-fi (and computer sci-fi) movie makers and politicians do when trying to expose the populous to some hardcore concept. They believe that you've got to water down concepts to make them appealing to the masses, but I assert that is you display something uninhibited, in it God-designed raw and unabridged glory, that what will not be immediately understood by the viewers will come out as a dazzling impression and stick to them just as well. Think about it: Does the magic and special effects that you do understand or don't understand get your attention? The movie "Seven" was an outright smash and it is clear that the writers didn't try to water it down to avoid making it "too mental" or "too deep". A friend of mine pointed out that in a scene where Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are in a car driving in a rainstorm, that for Brad Pitt's shot it is a light drizzle, but for Morgan Freeman's shot, it is a heavy downpour. I had to see the movie twice, after having it told to me twice BEFORE I saw it, and STILL had another friend of mine point out some deep and descrete scenes in it. So, if not everyone gets the full blast then why do it? Because then you compromise a product or a presentation, it is like pulling at a tapestry. I get the same thing from a bit of my Republican friends about an ideal like abortion or premarital virginity having to be disguised and cloasked to "win" with the issue but not to turn people off. ALSO, it will havwe to have lots of material in it to appeal fully to different people, so what if every second doesn't mesmerize everyone? The point is to have every second mesmorize someone!! If a concept is worth articulating and worth displaying, then it is fine to be left alone in it's pure brutal form.

The social aspect is that the nerds are pushed outside of the mainstream by nature of existence and as a punishment for not living the way that the regs live. This is designed on having society looking at itself through the eyes of those who look at them from a distance. Nerds see all of there mistakes from the outside which is the best perspective. And since under cultures tend to see things that the more mainstream doesn't, the turmoil and malcontentment in the nerd sub-culture is a result from how bad things are for the mainstream. The stress of the exile and oppression of the nerd mindset and lifestyle or enhanced exponentially due to the fact that the regs or now having lives stressful and unsatisfying as well. The nerd sub-culture is reflective of their state of moral decay. And in this heat of chaos, there is a fragmentation into two nerd factions: the conts and the bains. The conts have left the battle and concluded that this war has just been too much and it's time nerds stop feeling sorry for themselves like little helpless damsels in distress and get on with life by trying to have a life like the regs. The bains have concluded that this ethical drought is an omen that they are the chosen guild to implement some revolutionary change in society, and that they are the ones that must dedicate their lives in this, since it takes a life commitment to overcome the accquired stress due to non-conformity. As you might see, the factions both consider each other the sell-outs and cowards that they are sworn not to be. The leader of the conts, Delta 5, is former friends and now arch enemy of the leader of the bains, Theta Q. The movie is a mesh between this social struggle and the computer software used as a battlefield in these social wars. From this, I will make the case that anyone's every day life can benefit from this, such as political warfare and scientific research: the organization of information by theme and ideology. People grow when dealing with these issues, and that makes the air better, their food better, their braething better, their idle time better, their rogue thoughts more channeled, their level of consciousness higher, their direction in life clearer.

Now, just as you can clearly diagram a sentence, each of these sub-cultures have an elite group of leaders that construct a visual representation of their cults themes by which they live, and just as there are standards by which you label verbs and adjectives, there are universal standards by which you label understood points, conclusions, related issues, unrelated issues, points of conflict, points of hypocrisy, precedents (having been set and that WILL be set due to that established point) and express these as 3 dimensional figures in computer software. These images interact with and react to each other. A new belief (a plank) can be added to the standard hive, or a point or old belief can be challenged, when the new object (configured by the standard specifications of that group as an emotion, a need, a pleasure, a vice, a whatever...) is placed (or attempted to be placed) into the main structure. What happens, happens. This is a tool used in the exploration of the agenda and idelogies of the particular group.

The point of all of this is because of the information explosion (our information presently in this nation doubled in publication every 18 months) has resulted in an absolutely impossibile handling of issues adequately, or fairly. You never have the whole story; there's always a point of conjecture! There's always a rebuttle. Look at FAIR magazine and Rush Limbaugh going at it back and forth about condoms, feminism, the environment, health care... It never stops! Every time that there's a stat that seems to be irrefutable, the opposer always comes around it and turns everything around! So, in this movie, people try to use old fashioned diagramming and philosophical illustrations of classic, simple arguments, to give life to their ideologies. Keep in mind that there IS an absolute figure or "essence" of all issues and ideologies; the trick is getting them to be expressed. When this is done, people can just glance at this 3D configuration and get to what information they need. Also, keep in mind that these just won't be information hives, but databases of logical and debating techniques as well. That's another reason for the information explosion: not just raw research, but commentary! If you want to look for "liberals using emotion to circumvent the issue", just look at the particular branch or level that is one the tree of your conservative computer graphic structure. Do the same thing if you want to search some teeny bopper magazine archive that has been reconstructed by YOUR faction to find "equating sex with candy" or "regarding relationships as a nuisance, rather than a priority" or "holding parents views in contempt", just roll down the archived categories and there you are! In short, the information would be organized according to actual ideological stances and planks, rather than just words, subjects, or topics.


Now, of course, the ones that are the masters at this (expression of the themes and core ethics that make the sub-culture) are the nerds. They are the ABSOLUTE and final pioneers of this!!!! When the camera pans and shows the other groups interacting with the software and with each other, it is evident that there is a rapid and fulfilling exchange, which has a saturation point; life goes on, but for the NERDS, they LIVE this! THEN you see how psycho this madness can really get! These guys just don't get helped by this, thet are so into it, that EVERYONE wants to be a leader and a pioneer. This group has the highest disagreeability rate among members in it (because it's that way in real life). Tensions run high and this is more of a commonwealth than an organization. Maybe, as the movie unwinds, it will be more and more clear that they have a less and less cohesive agenda; that they are put together by society and not by themselves; that the label "nerd" applies to many different kinds of people with FEW similarities. The fragmentation adds to the uncertainty in the movie. There is a strong atmosphere of never being able to win. These are the ones that are the most malcontent with life. Like that line in:

Pump Up The Volume

[There's nothing to do, I mean I don't have a license, but even if I did, I wouldn't be able to do anything except maybe go to some stupid mall, play some ****ing video games, smoke a joint and get stupid!]

Passions run high and conflict is deep! Maybe this is the ultimate expression of the technology because of these malcontents; the cold nature of the computer. I have much of the movie outlined and a good bit of written exchanges and scenes. It will be awesome; cutting edge!

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