Rebuilding America's Social Infrastructure

by Mark Anthony

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Krash Beta:Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion

Note here that the term used is to "rebuild" instead of "maintain" the family unit. It seems that now since the liberals have won the cultural war, there needs to be a second one where the troops regroup. Sexual liberalism is a virus thatstarts out as a pest then becomes the master of the host. We have forgotten that masculinity and femininity matters! There are distinct contributions that each sex can give to a child in his or her developmental years, and trivializing that, proves that we now have the ability to knumb ourselves to reality, as we attempt to rewrite it. Logic is abandoned as emotionalism becomes the new norm. The problem has become so big that normal thinking people can not address it. Moral deterioration is something so complex that it can not be done easily, passively, or simplisticly. Now if you want to be the one with the solution, it will require a thought so extreme and so demanding on the human psyche that anyone who undertakes the seemingly impossible task of a moral revolution, will be dubbed a reactionary right winged extremist kook.

The hour is dark and the stakes are high! We need to address divorce, dating, sex, marriage, the entertainment industry, media bias, promiscuity, feminism, religion, and any other element of our culture that has contributed to the break down of the family unit! Liberals like to say that this way of life never existed. They argue that marriage is a violence/brainwashed/intimidation based institution that traps women with guilt and rears children in sexism and male dominance. They argue that today's skyrocketing divorce is just a result of freedom and that compatibility back then was a dellusion. They argue that the pre-marital sex pushed by this slutty culture is freedom but it really degrades the relations between the sexes. Dating degenerates into head games and sexual conquests that lead to pseudo-intimacy and the clouding of judgement.

With all of this, it is not a surprise that the family unit today is a thing of the past. With the premise that with liberalism making us all into flawless superhumans, we now think that we have evolved ofr the better and that as a race, we can not make mistakes. Spitting in the face of the past is encouraged as a pop-culture sacrament. Abandoning all tradition and structure is seen as the path to being unrestrained and personal evolution to perfection. Mark Anthony was right; we need to build more families or build more prisons.

Treehugger:Conservatives using pseudo-correlations to push their government in the bedroom agenda

This article is BASELESS!! It is a shame that it is saturated in so much rhetoric that you can't tell what he is trying to say or exactly what he wants done! Does he want to criminalize single motherhood and make it a punishable offense? Does he want government in the bedroom or us to wear chastity belts so that we are all virgins until we get married? How exactly are we to "rebuild" our morals? Rebuild according to WHO? Where do they want to begin? Censorship? Churches running the country? Conservatives love to endulge in the notion that any past is better than any future we can build! We can move FORWARD as a nation; not backwards! This is the potential of the human spirit when it is unrestrained by organized religion, outdated definitions of family and blindly following old archaic arbitrary traditions! How can any conservative PROVE that pre-marital sex degrades the base between the sexes? Conservatives trivialize wife beating, child abuse, and guilt trips layed on women to stay in dead marriages. They are a bunch of weak minded cowards that are afraid of the future, a future in which we are not subservient to abusive churches and abusive men. They come up with huge abstract goals based on incoherent impossible to follow premises in order to make their rhetoric sound as if it is solid doctrine! They have impossible goals to solve problems that don't even exist! They want to restore a way of life that never worked in the FIRST place. They cling to the past like Linus to his blanket. They also have no problem with wanting to "help" people by imposing their morality by shoving religious rhetoric down their throats! The time has come for us to remove our shackles and embrace a NEW future!

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