Ultrafaction:Krash Beta Format


Krash Beta objects:

Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion
  • Mark Anthony on two parent families(Rebuilding America's social infrastructure)
  • A conservative on Dubya Bush
  • A conservative on compromised conservatives(Clintservatism: The Real Issue of the Florida Ballots Controversy)
  • A conservative on liberals and conservatives role reversal
  • Neo-liberalism forbids emotion(A conservative)

    Liberals justify oppression under a pretense of the exact opposite sentiment. They justify murder of the unborn saying they are avoiding "Big Brother" ideology.
  • Questions for the Pro-Abortionists by "JR"

    The "Beta" format is a notion of always being pushed down as if to be second best and not as good as the mainstream. Beta is the underclass, the under social class of nerd that looks at the pop culture from the distance and with hopes that he can have a normal life as the mainstream seems to enjoy and take for granted.

    This format endorses modalism, saying that the Christian Trinity is a biblically inaccurate, and that there are three MODES of God, not three in 1, such as in the Trinity.

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