Harry Browne on the truth about the two major parties

Borg Wet Cigar:Both parties are worn down and compromised and have no genuine direction

This article cited that the major parties do not do what they say they stand for. Lip service is paid to conservatism while Republicans are just milder liberals. George W. Bush was labeled as a "Big Government Conservative" whatever THAT is supposed to mean! It is like government has gotten so intrusive that there is no way to stop it because every effort to do so just results in more and more of a huge mess! Dubya pushed for government funded abstinence programs for teens! WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! The whole POINT to conservatives complaining about "social engineering" is that most government today should be dismantled and if private sector forces were left in control, then less teens would have sex! This is taking the WORST of both worlds here! It is using the premise that no matter what, there needs to be a government hand in EVERYTHING! This is the exact opposite of what Republicans claim to stand for! So Harry Browne is right; there is some Big Government ideoogy coming from both major parties!

Loyal Libertarian:Big government is embraced in different aspects but nevertheless by BOTH Republicans and Democrats

I have heard it told to me that a Democracy can't work by definition because it allows people to grant themselves entitlements! That is a profound statement. Government is like rust; a nation must be upkept and maintained not to get dependent on government. Harry Browne hit the nail on the head here. When party ideology degrades down to posturing and power struggles, it gets to a point where all politicians sooner or later come to the public trough. Some form of political action has to be taken in the name of your interests and then that action must be given a face and a head and a body! This becomes a government program, agency or regulation. As I have heard stated before, THERE IS NOTHING MORE PERMANENT THAN A TEMPORARY GOVERNMENT PROGRAM. Is there hope? Will conservatives ever hold true to their values? Or will government just get bigger and bigger until we are all socialists?