Theta Q:Political Correctness getting out of hand

There is a flaw in the mindset of people that supported George W Bush. When a hardcore conservative says that Bush was compromised and a whimp, Bush voters say something like "Well he wanted to win". So I ask what is the point of winning when you are so compromised that you are a do-nothing politician even when you GET in office? This is political correctness gone too far. We have to kiss up to liberals to avoid them throwing a political version of a temper tantrum and even when we do, we STILL get punished! We are trying to be sensitive and tender to our enemies for what reason? We've become so touchy feely with tip-toe politics that we no longer have the spine to stand for what is right: the notion that we are in a moral slump and government is far too big today.

Krash Beta:Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion

This is one of the classic reasons why I say the radical liberalism is becoming the norm. We retreat and retreat and with each level of compromise, becomes the new intolerable bench mark, so we have to retreat from even THAT! It is like being a drug addict, each compromise and new low is just the precedent for yet another low. Bush apologized for conservatives saying that we are in a moral slump, as if everything is AOK. He got in office, and according to a Pat Buchanan article at a point in his Presidency, Bush did not repeal a single government program, regulation or agency! Saying that you are (as Bush was labeled) a "Big Government" conservative is like saying you are an active prostitute virgin. If this nation is an eagle, the eagle is dying because it's left wing is too heavy and it has a bleeding heart!

Bottom Line:Social conservatives using right winged extremism for posturing in moral issues and give no substance no recourse and no clear conclusion

You can't argue with results! These radical religious right wing conservatives almost cost us the election in 2000 and we won ANYWAY! When a far right winger like Alan Keyes gets defeated in the primaries by a wide margin and then says it was because this nation is too liberal, or there was media bias, or that the evil entrenched powers were too great, it is like a nerdy 30 year old virgin complaining that the "jerks" get the girls and he doesn't because he is a "nice" guy. WELL LOSER GET OVER IT AND GET LAID! CHANGE what you are to get DIFFERENT results!

If you keep on doing what you've already done, you're gonna keep on getting what you already have!

George W. Bush brought us to the middle, the center where tolerance and unity is! It is NEVER going to MATTER what the far right wing says or stands for because there are not enough far right wingers in this country to EVER win! It is beating a dead horse! George W. Bush defeated Al Gore, who was the successor to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was bullet proof and undefeatable, and yet had his legacy crushed by compassionate conservativism. We didn't give up our values in 2000! We won and KEPT those values because when we lose an election, it is evidence to not repeat the mistake and ABANDON those values! If you build an airplane and it crashes because of defective design, you DON'T build the exact airplane again! And to all of the religious right wing - I simply have to say "I don't listen to LOSERS!" If you guys are right, then why can't you win an election? By the way, rationalizing why you lost doesn't undo the fact THAT you lost! My advice to the Religious Right is the same advice to the nerdy 30 year old virgin, CHANGE what you are, or you'll never get laid!