Destructive capitalism essays:

Fem Force:Force-based institutions like capitalism or the male dominated family unit are used as the basis for a conservative reality that harms women and poor

This is a classic example of the rape of a nation's progress! It seems that there is no longer a such thing as working hard and staying in business; the new rule is how ruthless you can be and become a monoploy and then crush anyone that opposes you. This article says it all; capitalism in its unbridled form must "grow or die". This is like a fire. The only way to deal with it is to extinguish it. The government must set some form of rules to play by or we are putting our trust in greedy businessmen. The present rules are to do and only do what turns an immediate, convenient and significant profit! People's needs and ethics are ignored. It has been estimated in the 1990s that one percent of people control 60% of the wealth! Conservatives like Ronald Reagan say that they believe in a "Social Darwinism"; a survival of the fittest. It is not a survival of the fittest; it is a survival of the sleeziest. Crybaby billionaires complain that they have to play by some sort of rules, such as regulating Microsoft in order to have other entities compete with them. This is insane because people that are trying to make ends meet are the ones with the REAL problems.

Reagan Knight:Liberals attributing worst case scenario of capitalism as the definiiton of capitalism

Here is where the dependency on government comes in! The liberals cite that the capitalism battlefield has no guarantees for the losers and they cry foul. Capitalism is evil (according to them) and they are the ones that are going to fix that! They say we can't trust business owners but we can trust the government bureaucrats? At least with business people there is proof that they can make things actually WORK! With the politicians; there is no burden of proof for them and nothing that shows that they earned the power to control the free enterprise system! Also, these worst case scenarios of "greed" controlling everything is only because there aren't ENOUGH capitalists out there; not too much! If we had an education system that actually TAUGHT kids to think and go out and venture for themselves, then we'd have competition which is the backbone of capitalism!