Neo liberalism forbids emotion

Bottom Line:Social conservatives using right winged extremism for posturing in moral issues and give no substance no recourse and no clear conclusion

I am not sure what this right winged babble is supposed to be about! This author seems to be angry that we are not living in the 1920's anymore! Somehow he is saying that liberals need to be not as entrenched as they are today... or something? He seems to further argue that any conservative that is crazy or an extremist is just simply displaying emotion, which is a new crime under what he calls "neo-liberalism". I can see his frustration. This guy is a right winged zealot and is angry that liberals have overthrown the wife beating slave lynching days of this nation's past and wants to go BACK to them!!

He is calling liberals creatures or monsters of emotion and says that they can't manage emotion in their life or something to that effect. Well as long as conservatives think they way that they do, it is apparent that they willalways label liberals as out of line or a malcontent.

Krash Beta:Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion

Liberals suck and suck until they have nothing left to feed from! They have done it to the budget and now they are doing it to our moral reference frame! They are not going to be happy until they make everyone as miserable as they are. We're heading to being a nation of sluts and godless boinkers and they don't care! There is this rage that comes from hating moral authority and not being able to look up to anyone and having no guidance, just like being angry at a parent who has not been there for you in life, and liberals vent that out sexually! They boink and boink and bach people for not being sluts and they have to reach out to destroy anything conservative because conservatism is proof that people can actually subscribe to moral authority and be happy!!