LIBS are CONS; CONS are LIBS essays:

Krash Beta:Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion

There is no other way to say it! This guy hit the nail on the head! This may have something to do with that it is human to behave a certain way when you are in power, and of course a certain way that you behave when you are out of power. There is an old argument that when you are prosperous, you get complacent, either as a person or a nation. Today the liberals are in power and have WON the cultural war! It's over! So, the conservatives are now behaving like the liberals in the sixties. The conservatives are the ones that are yelling and crying foul, and the liberals are the ones that are saying to get over it. It would seem that persistence is the key because nothing else could have won the cultural war but that. It also makes perfect sense that liberals have unquenchable thirst and unlimited energy because they have an emotion based ideology, which is a dangerous recipie for conservatives. Conservatives have gone the way of the dodo bird and the wooly mammoth. We're screwed!

Safer Sex:Government in the bedroom agenda being pushed under the pretense of harmless sentiment. Appointing the government as an arbiter of very narrow minded morality.

This was an incoherent article to say the LEAST! Liberals have turned into conservatives and vice versa? WHAT!?!?! So... what, the liberals are for not talking to kids about sex and the conservatives are for higher taxes now?