Today the liberals are conservative and the conservatives are liberal.

Kirk Fontenot 2007

There is no other way to say it. Since liberalism is the mainstream today, anyone who is consistently conservative is dubbed to be a loud malcontent reactionary. Liberals are usually known for having family issues and rebelling against obvious authority (but loving cloaked authority such as pop culture and big government) but that doesn't matter today because they are the cooled off radicals that were once burning hot in the sixties. They don't need to be screaming anymore because there goals have been accomplished. I heard that 90% of people have premarital sex. Pat Buchanan cited that Dubya has not stricken down a single government regulation, program or agency. Dubya also pushed government programs for teen abstinence instead of saying government should not be involved at all, and he has been dubbed a "big government conservative". The liberals have WON the cultural war! Today morality is the new profanity. Case in point: I got on a news board on lambasted Debbie Gibson for posing for Playboy after she has made a career of cutting down sexuality in entertainment. I got into it with some raving liberals and was banned from the forum. The forum allowed plenty of fighting, but for me they banned me without me having broken ANY of their rules! I emailed them and called them a bunch of sex Nazis because that is exactly what they were. Also, I was called a David Koresh or "worse" by one of the users just because I took a conservative stance against a traitor like Debbie Gibson.

I have observed that there is a new coldness from a certain breed of liberal. They are drowning in rage and alienation and so much emotion that they come to a point where they are cold about so much. This has been called "coolly amoral" by R Emmet Tyrell Jr in his book Boy Clinton. Any REAL conservative should be fuming and enraged over today's systematic sexual immorality, but the problem is that the average Joe can't deal with concepts as huge as a nation in moral peril, so they ignore it and basically become a liberal! Liberals says there are no big moral problems today, that premarital/teen sex is just a norm, and family units are just evolving, not breaking down. This spawns a "get over it" syndrome from the left to the right. The oddity here is that this is the same thing that right winged whites used to tell alienated/poor blacks with their problems, but now it is the condom spewing liberals telling it to pro-virginity conservatives! The roles have switched! This cold detached liberal attitude on life is the new "normal" and stable. If you are afire about today's pop culture advocating so much sexual dissension, the question is asked of you: What's YOUR problem? What's wrong with YOU? This brings me to my point that today if you are merely a consistent conservative, you will be dubbed a loud reactionary. Today the conservatives are the "liberals"; and the liberals are the calm, rational people.

Krash Beta:Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion
Safer Sex:Government in the bedroom agenda being pushed under the pretense of harmless sentiment. Appointing the government as an arbiter of very narrow minded morality.