Other people's sex

Safer Sex:Government in the bedroom agenda being pushed under the pretense of harmless sentiment. Appointing the government as an arbiter of very narrow minded morality.

Yeah! That IS my question! WHY is this guy worried about other people's sex?????????????

This is a question that he did a poor job of answering. Is this guy saying that people who have pre-marital sex are brainwashed and they need to be counter-programmed? That's a tall order! And if he uses the premise that it is possible to be brainwashed, then who is to say that this guy isn't the one doing the programming and that the choice of pre-marital sex is the one of freedom?? This is a dangerous paradox, as it is with all sexual politics! This is not one on which conservatives can deliver! KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF THE BEDROOM!

Porn For All:So-called religious conservatives cite that human beings are so destructive inherently that they need to be led by the hand by organized religion

I guess this zealot thinks that having a corrupt church that tortures people and rapes little boys is better than having us exposed to movies and records!

What is this guy trying to SAY?????????????????

So now when we assert that we can make our OWN decisions when it comes to sex, that we are being arrogant and thinking that we are SUPERHUMANS?????? And of course the remedy to this is having us surrender our autonomy to Big Brother and organized religion, to make us a nation of a bunch of 37 year old virgins!!!! When I say PORN FOR ALL in this format title, I make no apologies for it! They seem to say lifelong celibacy for all and don't care one way or the other!!