Ultrafaction:Porn For All Format


Porn For All Objects:

Porn For All:Religious Right Wing has hidden agenda of blind control that they hide under the notion of restoring morality
Porn For All:Sexual conservatives repress human nature and fail at it but think they have a mandate to do it anyway
Porn For All:So-called religious conservatives cite that human beings are so destructive inherently that they need to be led by the hand by organized religion
  • "Other people's sex": The superhuman premise of infallibility

    This format was started to be against the judgemental, the self-righteous, the holier than thou, the Religious Right, the social conservatives, the censors, the Moral Majority, and anyone who thinks they have any right cutting off ANY pornography to ANY ADULT!!!!!!!!

    A Few Sad Rules of Life:

    When you try to repress something in society, you make it more luring and tempting.

    When you let the "Powers That Be" DEFINE freedom, you've already lost.

    Humans are just another animal.

    All causes to dictate and control people are started off with a nobel premise (like banning pornography)

    All causes to dictate and control people BACKFIRE!

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