Mark Anthony on Supply Side economic theory

Fem Force:Force-based institutions like capitalism or the male dominated family unit are used as the basis for a conservative reality that harms women and poor

All these throat cutting, back stabbing, money hoarding, buck turning, greedy capitalist parasites know how to do is make themselves rich! This article would have us believe that a nation can actually be self-sufficient if no taxes were paid! There are problems that don't produce money when fixed, such as rape and domestic violence. A nation can have a great economy but be in the hole when it comes to violence against women and children. These kind of conservatives feel that the buck is the Almighty Dollar and they have made a religion out of it! If a problem costs money, it should be fixed only if the solution results in making more money (according to them) and anything else will fix itself. The real world doesn't work that way.

Reagan Knight:Liberals attributing worst case scenario of capitalism as the definiiton of capitalism

This theory is the RONALD REAGAN Bible!!!

Liberals do not understand that money circulates in the privat sector better than with government bureaucracies! Revenue goes UP when taxes are lowere because the amount is more, though the percentage is lower! Which is GREATER?? 50% of a dollar OR 40% of one thousand dollars? Liberals are supposed to be the more intellectual but they think with emotion. They DON'T think; they FEEL! They can't do simple math. Taxes will never be high enough for the Left Wing, and it is up to us to keep them out of power so they don't do exactly that!