Virginity in Vogue

Trench Coat:Pop culture citing moral relativism and promiscuity as liberation

It is TIME for a backlash! Liberalism has not done anything except turn us all into a bunch of government dependent sluts! I'm still trying to figure out what "free love" is supposed to be! Apparently, liberals and Hollywood think that they invented sex and have a copywright on it. Also, they think that sex with a stranger and sex in marriage are the same and have the same emotional ramifications. Pre-marital sex is like eating frozen food before it is thawed out. There is incalculable emotional damage that comes with it and this is never acknowledged by liberals. Their reign is OVER! it is time this conservative pro-virginity movement grows even more!!

Borg Wet Cigar:Neo liberalism offers only compromise and confusion due to relaxing principles

Pop culture slutology says that virginity is for ugly people and that anyones who decides to abstain is a loser. Virginity is cureable; AIDS isn't! Sex is compared to hunger and the opposite sex is comapred to food. No wander we're all a bunch of godless idiots that regret pissing our cherries away! If we are EVER going to through away this pop culture liberal sluthood, we are going to need a bigger arsenal than we have now, and it is going to be an uphill battle all of the way!! It is about time that these teens woke up!!