Clintservatism: The Real Issue of the Florida Ballots Controversy
Kirk Fontenot 2001

It has been said that Democracy has failed and that the election was stolen. That's funny because that's exactly how I felt when Clinton took the White House with 43% of the popular vote and 1992. Of course, we technically have a Republic, hence the structure of our Electorial College, which acutally elects each President of our nation, but whatever label we use for our government power structure, many have been dissatisifed. None of the labels and technicalities in law really matter, though, since all of these factors such as Supreme Court intervention, the fact that Al Gore won the majority popular vote, and that it can be argued that George W Bush does not have a mandate due to the fact that the race was so close (as could have been said about President Gore should he have been victorious in the race), have ONLY come into play under the circumstances that the entire election year was spent trying to run so tightly to the middle that it was impossible for their to be any crashing reason why anyone (not loyally dedicated to party lines or abstract wing ideology) could passionately pull the lever of frat boy, word bumbling Dubya, or wooden, Slick Willie crony Al Gore.

The new trend of what I call "mid-winged extremism" is tippy toeing on a tightrope for the entire race so that you make no enemies and get elected; you're so busy trying to prove to crybabies that you're an inclusionist, that you exclude anyone who doesn't smell and breathe in the same pace that you do. Roots of this are undoubtedly in Political Correctness (the hypersensitivity and extremism of not wanting to be insensitive to any group of any issue of oppression) and or course good old fashioned moral relativism, which had this current manifestation of neutrality (or rather the illusion of neutrality) which causes us to focus on amoral solutions to social ills, and coupled with finding the bare physical, visual, tangible and immediate elements to any issue, and ignoring all others on the premise of not getting into things subjectionable such as opinion or ethics. Clinton has been a champion master of having an appearance of being on everyone's side and never getting into any complex laying out of ideology. To explain why his party gained congressional seats in the off-year election of 1998 (70 years since a party in the White House did so) he said "'s not complex..." "...we heard the American people..." One end result of running to the middle was the candidates debating on numbers alone, without any display of ideology or even independent thought. We were watching two math students debate a calculus problem, instead of seeing the usual debate of whether government or private industry was capable of more tyranny. We saw a garbled clutter of stats and equations all claiming to have the best in mind for the future of the United States. At no point did we see (without tweezers) any genuine ideoligcal stances, or one opponent dissecting their enemy, to expose the evil agenda of the opposing wing thus making the choice for President so clear.

George W Bush raised and spent over 100 million dollars in the race saying nothing at all. And now the Clintonites are giving him flack for applying the same fiscal conservatism that Bill Clinton ripped off of the Republicans since the 1994 takeover in Congress. We hear that there is a moral ressurection because teen sex has dropped a few knotches. Delayed fornication is nothing to celebrate, and abortion going up is not a solution to teen pregnancy. The fiscally conservative sluthood of this nation is mutating and adapting like the most deadly virus to plague our moral reference frame. For all of those enraged at the Supreme Court or the Electorial College, just remember to make it clear to your leaders that you want ideology and logic in a race, instead of the Nazi tightrope walking of PR poll chasing opportunists painting themsleves up to be on your side no matter what, as if to be picking you up at bar like a little slut who just needs to hear the right words and get the right body language. You'll never have a race this tight again. We knumb ourselves with materialism, shallow career goals and a self endulgent past time and multimedia sex industry to avoid dealing with our issues with relationships with the opposite sex, finding a truly fulfilling career in life and a connection to God Almighty. I seem to remember something about being spit out of God's mouth should you choose to be luke warm, but who needs God anymore now that we have the feel goodism of the legacy of Bill Clinton?


Bottom Line:Social conservatives using right winged extremism for posturing in moral issues and give no substance no recourse and no clear conclusion
Krash Beta:Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion
Safer Sex:Government in the bedroom agenda being pushed under the pretense of harmless sentiment. Appointing the government as an arbiter of very narrow minded morality.