About Ultrafaction

An MP3 introduction by Kirk Fontenot

  • 21st century media; 20th century context
  • No meticulous interactivity; surface info
  • Chasing polls and hot topics with rhetoric and sound bites, while GATT is 23,000 pages
  • You elect an entire candidate, not single issue (the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • It's not checkers; it's chess
  • Visual maps and structures
  • Calibration to tailor and find weak spots (give them what they need but are NOT looking for!)
  • Establish precedent like in computer code
  • Harder to dance around issues; iron ideology
  • Long term problems need long term solutions; retrospect material
  • The formula and format of town hall meetings and group therapy
  • Personality charts like the MBTI, Enneagram and colorgenics
  • Tailor toward the individual; specific info and how it is formatted
  • Polarize political activity, maximize the potential of the individual and have new denominator of mass info handling

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    The boring stuff...

    The first incarnation of this page was in the Summer of 1999. I have a few people that I am talking with, as well as a few sites that I am trying to keep an eye on, about trying to build this site up into a powerhouse, and am constantly working on ways to outline new software concepts, and envision solutions for the problems of the moden world that plague us all.

    Future goals are layed out in these two documents:

    Hypermedia activism, the movement and movie

    The Hypermedia centers

    More plans include:

    Interactive video games designed to educate children of various age levels.

    More interactivity on this site.

    More political content.

    One question that I thought of in my many years of planning my "hypermedia activism":


    I came up with a number of possibilities:

    (1) A non-partisan political group

    There are sites like ontheissues.org and politicalinformation.com that focus on gathering material for people to be well informed. They act as hubs for political activity. One thing that I pose with my vision as illustrated at http://www.ultrafaction.com/phase1.html is that I want to spawn a new way to store and navigate through information. This new way will have information organized by THEME instead of facts and stats. This may manifest into a new generation search engine or just some denominator by which to store or format information, like ASCII or HTML, but on a higher level. Aside from my controversial views, the real interest I may spark may not be one of issues, but of the WAY I address issues. This is where the non-partisan aspect will come in. This is where my vision is more technological that ideological.

    (2)A partisan political group

    This is where my technological vision may be seen as a mere means to an end, or a mere toy. The REAL "meat and potatoes" or "nuts and bolts" here is my blend of views. As I have stated many times, I am a conservative with lots of alienation and eccentricism to me, which is usually found in liberals. I may find a liberal group that likes that I anger other conservatives, OR find a moderate group that likes that I do not mind straying from the bulk of conservatism on a few issues when I think I am right, or I may just find a good old fashioned right winged group that thinks that my differences will simply add to the recipe of conservatism to make it more enticing. Here is where my scales and spectrums of political ranks come into play. I dissect instead of keep to abstract ideology. People are fed up with politicians that avoid getting into uncomfortable spots. We get rhetoric instead of substance. The author of the (now extinct) website www.stopbush2000.com responded to something I had written to him and said: (paraphrase)

    "Ideology DOES tell people where you're coming from, BUT not always a lot about exactly what you are going to DO."

    I said that was awesome! He illustrated the mess that we got into as conservatives when we adopted DUBYA's "compassionate conservatism" and his now trademarked "big government conservatism". What I mean by this "mess" is that we got rhetoric and bulky abstract ideology that never manifested! A Pat Buchanan article once cited that (at the time of the article) that DUBYA had not stricken down a SINGLE government program, regulation, or agency! Bob Dole (bobdole) got the same flack for not having aggressive and clear ideas. He had to go into hiding until his think tanks came up with the 15% flat tax (reduction I think???) instead of having some concrete ideas that he had all along. This brings me to ANOTHER point. Politicians that are conservative (genuinely and consistently, that is) KNOW that our moral slump and big government are so entrenched and huge that all they can do is take little nibble at it and hope that they can one day turn back the clock and get results. This will not work because the mess is so complex that it takes a giant drawing board where the entire mess of the modern world is dissected and dismantled piece by piece. Trying to take little nibbles at a beast that you do not understand is like being in some cheesy sci-fi flick where an alien does nto have its heart and brain in the conventional locations and thus does not die when you stab its chest or decapitate it. This brings me to yet another point. In my rants about my social science HARDCORE NERDOLOGY, I say that males in the nerd sub-culture have gotten so overwhelmed by being the different guy and not getting the girls that they BREAK and bow down to the same exact evil that has oppressed them for so long. I have seen instances where they actually go against their non-conformist or conservative values and bow to the crowd and the evils of the modern world.

    In having said all this, I go back to my original point: that a tool of dissecting complex messes is needed to get results in a political system. Our current political system is messed up as far as having the potential to be revolutionized is concerned. I have a few points to this:

  • Politics is a power based struggle and system

    This means a few things, such as it being an "old dog system" the exact opposite of a computer field and realm and sub-culture, and thus being still significantly stuck in the older mediums as the means by which it is expressed. This means that the digital revolution is yet to catch up with this system and revolutionize it. Also...

  • The internet and computer technology as far as 21st century mass information handling is concerned, is in its baby stages.

    There are sites like www.vote.com that act as a point for political discussion and slight activism (Dick Morris forwards the routine poll results to the concerning entities) but not aggressively making waves. Dick Morris has even said that with the internet, money will become less and less of a factor in politics.

    And there may be a third type entity that I may hook up with:

    (3) An internet or computer oriented entity

    This is where my generic vision may prove fruitful in the extreme abstract sense. Currently, I can only pose a dynamic and entertaining way to navigate through POLITICAL information. This may be a subset engine to google.com or so forth. But this may inspire other subsets such as a historical search engine, a technological search engine, a medical search engine and the like. These other engines already exist BUT they are simply databases of sites that are screened (I think) by human hands. My premise is to get to a point where the users "tag" sites and articles with short or long descriptions and users search by descriptions instead of keywords.

    One thing that I have been hearing for over ten years is that in what is called the "information age" there is so much information that it is impossible to organize it efficiently so that people can find what they want. My software concepts might just be radical enough to get another cyber geek's attention. Like I referred to earlier, the political system is one of old dog thought, and the computer nerd sub culture is very "new school". This means that since these are two different mind sets, it is not very common that someone can have a political savvy and computer savvy. This means that this is virgin territory waiting to be conquered.

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