Bottom Line:Social conservatives using right winged extremism for posturing in moral issues and give no substance no recourse and no clear conclusion

This article says that we have made the unholy alliance with Clintonism. Well GOOD! We WON in 2000! YOU CAN'T ARGUE WITH RESULTS! This article compared Gore and Bush to "sluts" hiking up their skirts to win. That can be said EVERY race! What was this guy trying to prove or really say? That winning an election makes you a SLUT? This right winged extremism (which has no place in the Republican party) says that when we lose, we have held on to our values without compromise, and when we win we are sluts? HUH? This is backwards logic! This article RAILS against compormise as if that is bad! Bob Dole himself said in 1996 that compromise protects us from absoultism and intolerance, which is contrary to the Religious Right who feel that since they are doing "God's work", that they can't be wrong! This self-righteous exclusionism can be seen from a mile away by liberal Democrat and ALWAYS gets defeated! This article cited "mid-winged extremism" whatever THAT is supposed to mean! Ramblings like this show that these religious zealots don't just disagree with you, they DEMONIZE you! "Ye hath been banished HERETIC!" comes to mind here. What's next? Burning people at the stake?

Krash Beta:Liberalism has become so entrenched that it is now the norm instead of a radical opinion

This article was a SLAM DUNK! At the time of his presidency, Bill Clinton had become a political GOD! No one went against him and succeeded, and he was HAILED by every liberal kook, as a savior! What about date rape and police brutality? These were big issues in 1992 of liberals riding the coatails of Clinton and he has no legacy of doing anything against these crimes! He DID give us partial birth abortion, which over 90% of people were against, though. He had 200 billion dollar deficits until the Republicans took Congress in 1994, then hijacked fiscal conservatism from the right wing. It was like some metemorphosis happened! One good question that was asked by a conservative during the Clinton administration: "Where did all the 1980s homeless people go?" This is a point that when a nation has these hardcore problems, the liberals PIMP these victims and say it is the conservatives fault, but when THEY are in power, these problems are trivialized. Like the author said, there is a practice of feeling this "Nirvana" and tranquility when liberalism is used to destroy America, that accomplishes NOTHING except feel goodism and does NOTHING toward the goals that liberalism claims to have! The 1960s are a great example! We became a bunch of sluts and now looking at ghettos and radical slut feminism, blacks and women are more screwed up than ever! I'd hate to see what these guys could do if they were SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Safer Sex:Government in the bedroom agenda being pushed under the pretense of harmless sentiment. Appointing the government as an arbiter of very narrow minded morality.

I am not sure exactly what this raving conservative article was trying to say! "Clintservatism?" What exactly does this guy want done? According to him, there is this passive decay of this nation and everyone is riding some "do-nothing" band wagon because it somehow feels good. This is a free nation! What is the solution to this? Having the rules for an election engineered so that people can NOT feel good? Once again the reactionary Religious Right has this huge grandiose and abstract vision of a fallen America and they have only hollow rhetoric to offer as a solution; pathetic! Just like condoms in high schools, which makes these religious extremists want to vomit, they have no alternative, or at least not any that WORK! It is just as good that this "Clintservatism" worked as not, because no one is listening to this religious intolerance these days! Thank God!